Thursday, 8 July 2010

You bastard, Bercow

Well thanks a lot, Mr Speaker! At PMQs yesterday Dave was about to plug a book my company has published, when he was prevented from doing so by Speaker Bercow. "I don't think we'll bother with that. It's shit, I've read it," said Bercow. Cameron then got up and said "I know but I want to boost sales to make sure Fale's company stays afloat and he doesn't change his mind about not standing as an PM again."

Bercow had better watch it. Only last week Tory MP Simon Burns was in trouble for calling him a "stupid sanctimonious dwarf", a comment over which thick pious midgets everywhere are threatening to sue.

Incidentally have you noticed how Dave's voice is getting posher and posher as he grows into his new job? Of course it is bound to sound plummier now he has Clegg's hairy man fruit wedged in his gob.

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