Thursday, 8 July 2010

Graham Evans MP: Hero to Parliamentary Cleaners

Newbie MP Graham Evans has just tabled an Early Day Motion where he calls for the abolition of Early Day Motions in the Houses of Parliament.

And by doing so he has guaranteed himself hero status among the legion of House of Commons cleaners. Why? I'll let one of them explain...

"Early day motions? Don't get me started. We are plagued by the smell in the toilets every morning as MP after MP has a great big dump. Sure, they have to exercise their constitutional right but it is deeply unpleasant, especially for the poor sod who has to clean up after Eric Pickles. We thought things would improve with Prezza retiring but now he is dragging his hypocritical class hero arse to the ermine be-decked bogs of the upper chamber there is no respite."

How ironic, though, for Evans to criticise EDMs, by tabling one, the filthy unhygenic bastard!

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