Sunday, 4 July 2010

Don't egg me on

I am thick skinned if nothing else. And stubborn. I am going use an article from a magazine to try and make out that my incorrect statement last week about the banning of eggs being sold by the dozen is in fact true. Which it isn't, as the article makes clear if you read it properly. Yes, there are proposals to display the weight of eggs (and other less emotive food stuffs - but of course how they sell croissants is no concern of mine) on packaging but nowhere does it say, either in the article or the draft legislation that they cannot be sold as a dozen eggs. Admittedly the proposals as they stand are bureaucratic nonsense that will cause more trouble than it is worth but my original post was misleading and inaccurate so I really should know better than to pig-headedly defend it.

But I still want an apology from those who were rude enough to point out my mistake.

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