Thursday, 22 July 2010

I don't agree with banning things. Except when I do.

When I first heard that Buckingham Palace had decided to ban a racist gentleman from its garden party my first thought was "that's a bit harsh, it is his wife's house after all". Then I realised they were talking about Nick Griffin, although reports that it was because his choice of attire clashed with what Prince Harry was wearing, or that he turned up with a bottle of English white were wide of the mark.

Having seen their reasoning I think they've done the right thing. Griffin had stupidly milked the invitation for party political purposes. Milking things for party political gain is my manor, sunshine.

Heaven forbid an elected politician should milk things for political purposes. And heaven forbid that those getting their moral knickers in a twist should themselves milk the fact that someone milked the invitation for party political purposes, for their own party political purposes.

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