Sunday, 4 July 2010

Those tweeting MPs

Here are a few tweets from MPs from yesterday...

Jim and I looking forward to a lovely evening getting trollied on Pimms and eating undercooked chicken at the Tenbury Branch BBQ
Harriet Baldwin

Excellent 24 hours with welsh labour ams and mps in Llandridod wells. Up all night playing poker.
Chris Bryant

Attended prize-giving of annual Dry-Stone Walling Awkward Questions Competition, Little Asby
Rory Stewart

After having finished writing speech for Harlow Civic Service tmmrw, now pleased to be at Cllr Mike Garnett Old Harlow Tory branch barbecue getting mashed on mojitos.
Robert Halfon

Nice journey with Dianne back from Leeds. Don't tell anyone but we agreed on quite a lot...although I won't bother trying to spell her name correctly.
David Miliband

I could go on, because there are dozens more like those. The point of pointing out these tweets is to show those who think MPs are lazy, good for nothing individuals, that most MPs spend far too much time on Twitter creating an illusion of being active in their constituencies and being all political at weekends, ie. doing their jobs. And they are particularly lazy with grammar and spelling.

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