Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Not plugging my LBC show (which is on tonight at 7.15. Please listen)

As I said, I won't be plugging my LBC show on my blog. But I really gave David Miliband a tough time on the show I am not plugging last night by asking him "if Clegg and Cameron are Brokeback Mountain, which film are you and your brother, Ed?"

He went mad and threatened to tear me a new arsehole. Good job we had a GP handy to dispense medical advice on anal fissures. I suggested anything written by The Brothers Grimm which he thought was "very cruel". He then said "It certainly wouldn't be the Blues Brothers you Tory wanker".

Incidentally, we had a cracking programme last night, but I would say that and am not plugging it in any case

I'm back on LBC at 7.15 until 10pm this evening! But that is not a plug.

UPDATE: I love this comment from a reader called Fat Councillor...(think it is a pseudonym for Eric Pickles)

I think I am going to have to listen tonight. What other program offers David Miliband and an arsehole in the same programme?

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