Monday, 19 July 2010

I've been away you know

The first day back at work after a great holiday is always somewhat challenging, and when I think what I have to catch up on, I feel like heading straight back into the crate. Still, I've never been one to get any fulfillment.

Now that I have had a much needed week of rest and relaxation I also hope to rediscover my blogging 'mojo' as I am aware that of late this blog hasn't really been up to par. All bloggers go through periods of fallowness (is that a word?) and lack of inspiration and I hope to once more reach such heights. It would make a nice change from some of my more recent faintly ridiculous car-crash opinionating.

Perhaps I should start with some more thoughts on not giving my tax to poor foreigners (they'll only waste in on providing better airport experiences than Gatwick) and not pissing money away in Afghanistan on aid to people who live in a war-torn country in which we are simultaneously pissing money and lives away in by fighting that war. Or would that be oversimplifying it somewhat?

Whatever, I do hope I let myself write something on Big Society later. I reckon I could really take fallowness and lack of inspiration to new highs with that pile of rhetorical, patronising shite.


  1. You got any media appearances coming up that we should know about, Mr Fale?

    You've not been on Sky News for... oooh, over a week now.

  2. I am going to try and get on Channel 4 so I can shout nonsense at Jon Snow. That will boost my media profile greatly, even if I do make an arse of myself.