Thursday, 29 July 2010

No more ASBOs

I think Theresa May is second only to Eric Pickles in hitting the ground running. Let us just ponder that image for a minute. Pickles sprinting along like an athlete in his prime, potholes appearing in his wake, with May struggling to match his speed and grace, tripping over her ridiculous shoes.

I can't say I agree with all the myriad of initiatives that have emerged from the Home Office, but the level of activity displayed by her and her team is impressive. After all the true measure of achievement is quantity not quality. The more shite you can churn out the better. Nothing beats jerking the knee as quickly as possible and making policy decisions instead of thinking things through properly.

Yesterday May signalled the death knell for ASBOs by announcing a review into their operation and effectiveness. The fact that more than half of those who get an ASBO have then gone on to serve custodial sentences should tell us all we need to know. Firstly that some people are naughty and won't learn their lesson. Secondly that nearly half of those who got an ASBO did not go onto serve custodial sentences. It all depends on how you interpret the statistics to fit your pre-formed opinion as usual.

Anyway I am delighted. Finally I will be able to annoy my neighbours by playing my Roxette LPs loud all night without getting a ridiculous badge of honour. Theresa May? You've got the look.

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