Thursday, 29 July 2010

Is six months really the right sentence? No, but six weeks is

Twenty three year old Gavin Reid was today jailed for six weeks for using Sayeeda Warsi as an aid to making an omlette.

With the usual caveat of admitting I was not in court to hear the proceedings, I will still have my say. On the face of it, (as in where the egg aimed at Warsi ended up) this is exactly the kind of short prison sentence which shouldn't happen and leaves our criminal justice system with egg on its cliche.

For all I know he may have 'previous' (I won't bother checking even if it might make a difference to the circumstances of sentencing) but if not he may well emerge from prison in six weeks (or even three) as a hardened criminal or with a drug habit. Because you can't even walk past a prison these days without becoming hooked on heroin you know.

All I can say is that it is a good job he didn't throw a dozen eggs or those crazy bureaucrats in Brussels would have had something to say about it as well.

UPDATE: The original version of this post had the sentence at six months. Apologies for the error. I could just leave it there but no, I will use the mistake as a way of trying to strengthen my argument and suggest that the fact the sentence is six weeks actually makes the wider point of this post even more relevant. Even if it makes my comment about emerging from prison a hardened criminal with a drug habit seem even more ridiculous.

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