Sunday, 25 July 2010

Brokenbritainback Mountain out of Molehill

Clearly the silly season is upon us. When a shit joke by David Davis about Clegg & Cameron being something akin to the two leading characters in Brokeback Mountain makes the front page of the FT, you know it's a light news day. It is quite outrageous for a serious national broadsheet to deal in tittle-tattle and gossip. That is what widely read political blogs are for.

The Brokeback Coalition jibe doesn't even make sense either, unless he meant that they are a right couple of cowboys. Because surely he didn't mean it was because they are gay. Though that would explain the comments I have heard about Clegg being Cameron's fag.

He also dismissed David's Big Society bollocks as "Blairite dressing" (which is presumably one that is heavily oil-based). By likening it to a salad condiment he is giving it credit for having far more taste and substance than it does in reality. But I can't say anymore as I don't understand Big Society at all, hence my silence on it this week.

We all know Davis doesn't like Cameron and disagree with some of his ideas. But it is quite revealing that the personality aspect of this gets higher billing than his views on policy. There is simply no place for reportage that focuses on snidey bitchy attacks unless I am doing it.

UPDATE: A reader emails to remind me that it was Richard Littlejohn who first coined the Brokeback analogy back in May. That would be the homophobe bigot Richard Littlejohn would it? I think perhaps he might have meant it in a far nastier way. You couldn't make it up.

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