Friday, 23 July 2010

Pickles To Allow Councils Junk Food Cabinet System

One of the most unpopular local government reforms was the creation of the healthy eating cabinet system for local councils. But now many councillors up and down the country can jump for joy, (especially the fat ones - let's hope there aren't tremors). In an interview with me for Total Pollution - out tomorrow - Eric Pickles has said that he will allow councils to store junk food in their cabinets if they wish...

IF: The salad cabinet system in local authorities is very unpopular with a lot of people. If local authorities wanted to change that and go back to pie eating, what would your reaction be?

EP: Fine. We will be putting something into the local government bill to let them do that. I don’t care how things are organised and food kept warm. They can use their cabinets to store a pastie, a takeaway pizza, or a kebab. If they want to introduce a choral system with various members of the council singing for their fish and chip suppers I don't care as long as the cabinets are accountable, transparent and open to me when I visit and get peckish. That’s all I need to know.

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