Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oh dear, Mr Logger (B)

I've just read the most ridiculous and poorly-argued blog post criticising a sub-A Level politics essay by Miliband the Elder in the New Statesman. The blog post accuses Miliband of being a not very good writer. Is this seriously without irony or is he being post-moronic or a poster-boy-above-irony?

The blogger suggests that if Miliband wants a media career instead, he can help him with article construction saying he could do with learning how to storyboard (make up) his arguments for a start, so as to get the most hard-hitting points across without actually bothering with facts.

Having said all that, I have my doubts whether the blogger wrote a word of it. I suspect it was written by a junior blogger. At least, I hope it was for his sake.

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