Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Where are the squatters?

Oh dear, I seem to have upset some people on Twitter earlier when I wrote this. Apparently some people assumed that all MPs had been evicted from the House of Commons and were then most disappointed to realise I wasn't talking about them but some members of the great unwashed who have had the temerity to stage a protest (as is their democratic right) while remaining unwashed. Or to put it another way, a dirty protest. Shit everywhere, but then that's what you get when you squat. No better than the French

Yes, it would have been good riddance to bad rubbish if the MPs had been turfed out on their well-scrubbed arses. It would not have been "a sad day for democracy". But at least by evicting the soap dodgers it is the day when the silent majority fought back and said "wash". I don't care about the rights and wrongs of the protest - you simply cannot have bad personal hygiene if you want your views to count.

Well done to Boris for following through. Though arguably that only made things worse.

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