Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Blogger shows his ignorance with exploitation of McKinnon case to make a point

Even I am not sure if I can be bothered to make a half-arsed attempt to hack into the complex legal mire of the Gary McKinnon case to simplistically extract a nugget of proof about Cameron being a great leader, especially one based on suppositions of what may or may not have been agreed by Obameron at the time of writing. And I certainly wouldn't make a comment that might be construed as an assumption of McKinnon's guilt before a trial.

I will, as they say, be phoning this blog post in, along with other ones today about Ken Livingstone changing his mind, apparently. (It simply isn't done in politics to amend your view for political reasons except if you are on my side or I like you - in which case it is "an honourable acceptance of the facts by a brilliant chap big enough to accept he was wrong").

Oh, and I saw Tony Blair in a car. And then Gordon Brown in a car.

The holiday is definitely working - fallowness and lack of inspiration right back on track.

Otherwise I might be tempted to tackle some meatier topics such as Big Society (I don't understand it but that shouldn't stop me having an opinion) or Clegg's performance during PM's questions.

If I did comment on the latter, it would only be in a personal capacity of course.

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