Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Would it be hypocritical of me to ask that someone caught telling a lie apologise?

I am actually going to make a sensible point here about the counter-effectiveness of lobby groups who simply bombard MPs with cloned campaign literature. I will suggest that 38 Degrees have acted idiotically with regards to newbie wet behind the ears Tory good guy innocent Dominic Raab, as well as dishonestly with the way they have spun the story to suggest that Raab does not want constituents to contact him.

I can't resist making the point that 38 Degrees are a lefty group, as if in some way it makes a difference, but generally I make a strong argument and present readers with emails from both sides of the story for balance so they can make up their own minds. If only I could do this more often.

Raab has acted somewhat naively in this episode, however, by asking for his email to be removed from the Houses of Parliament website. If he wanted any advice on how to block avenues of potential criticism or accountability to his constituents he should have asked me. I am the expert. And if I had have become an MP (not that I ever wanted to you understand) I would have handled this whole situation much more adroitly.

UPDATE: I was on LBC last night (did I mention my LBC blatherfest?) and I interviewed both Dominic Raab and the Executive Director of 38 Degrees, David Babb. Or was it Rabb and Baab? Mr Babb rather took the wind out of my sails when he maintained that the emails to Raab were all different and not cloned. A neat interview trick, that. It's also totally untrue. Raab texted me later to say that every email he had received via the 38 Degrees website was identical.

So let us summarise here. One says one thing, one says the other and without seeing the evidence I believe Raab because it suits my argument. He may well be telling the truth but by taking his side, on his word, against the word of someone else I don't like (a lefty) I have somewhat undermined the balance I tried to show above. Result.

Perhaps Mr Babb would like to get in touch to apologise for, no doubt unintentionally, telling an outright fib. After all, we all know damn well that is exactly what I would do in such a position.

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