Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I can generate emotion

This morning I had the huge honour of interviewing Dickie Bird on LBC. I thought he would be a good person to talk to about this terrible betting scandal that has hit the headlines over the last two days. But by the time I had reduced the poor old sentimental bugger to tears it was clear that he ha nothing sensible to say (indeed not a dickie bird) on the subject. Great radio of course and a triumph once again for raw emotional reaction over rational, detached, informed and helpful analysis.

Another emotional interview I did took place yesterday when I spoke to a 97 year old veteran from the Battle of Britain who was shot down over the English Channel but he still had to talk to me as he obviously hadn't suffered enough. I don't mind letting on that my eyes were moist as I was interviewing him but then peeling onions always has that effect.

Ooooh, and now that I have proven I am human, right after a piece about a war hero might be just the place to throw in a cheeky plug for another clip from my late, lamented (by me) LBC evening show. It really is all about me.

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