Saturday, 21 August 2010

I am a pot and Kevin Maguire is a black kettle

Kevin Maguire is a typical well-paid leftie journalist (who fills in for me 48 weeks a year on the Spectator) who calls Labour supporters cretins.

I have looked up cretin on Wikipedia (which counts as in-depth research for me) as I thought it was something you served in soup. Apparently it isn't a very nice term.

Charming. Doesn't he know that "sack of shit" is the accepted term of abuse.
I can only imagine what Maguire would say if Cameron called a Labour MP a cretin. Though quite how that is comparable I don't know. Cameron is Prime Minister of who certain standards are expected while Maguire is only a political commentator/journalist. But we all know how inflated their sense of importance is.

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