Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Memo to Sky News

I. Couldn't. Give. A. Toss. About. Naomi. Bloody. Campbell. Or. Mia. Sodding. Farrow. Or. The. Effing. Diamonds.

A. Story. About. War. Crimes. And. Blood. Diamonds. And. Innocent. People. (Foreigners). Dying. Abroad. Holds. No. Interest. For. Me.

It. Is. Not. Important. That. Someone. Has. Potentially. Lied. Under. Cross. Examination. (A. Neat. Interview. Trick.) In. A. Case. Involving. Establishing. The. Guilt. Of. An. Alleged. Murdering. Warlord. Accused. of. Using. Diamonds. To. Fund. The. Arming. Of. Rebel. Soldiers. (Some. Of. Them. Children.) Complicit. In. The. Torture. Of. Innocent. People. (Foreigners.)

People. Are. Far. More. Interested. In. Stories. About. What. People. May. Or. May. Not. Have. Said. In. A. Lift. And. Only. Take. Notice. Of. So. Called. Celebrities. If. They. Are. Minor. Political. Ones.

They. Are. Not. Interested. In. Models. And. Actresses.


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