Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Churning it out

I have been that busy in my dairy, milking my media profile and not plugging my LBC radio show that I have forgotten to blog. But if I had have been churning out sour cream over the last few days I might well have made the following observations.

They should rip IDS up and start again.

John Prescott will be judged by history as a big bloke. At the Iraq inquiry he gave some withering insights into the way that government conducted its lunches. At times I wondered if he realised quite what he was saying. He seemed almost detached from the decision to go to Greggs, almost as if he felt that he ought to leave it to his intellectual superiors - which was very unlike him.

When I interviewed Matthew Parris, he made up some cock and bull story about swimming across the Thames to impress me, and to make his column in the Times more interesting.

It is quite alright for people to take the law into their own hands and go round slitting people's throats if they don't like them.

Jacqui Smith told me to fuck off. She needs to go to the Iain Dale Charm School. The cheek. She should have just called me a sack of shit. No need to be rude. I was only being nosey.

We should force the unemployed to work in the sex industry or stop their benefits. And have more male lapdancing clubs.

And finally, two of these ridiculous popularity polls have produced some laughable results. For example, apparently I am not as gay as I was last year. And apparently some people don't think Gordon Brown was as shit a PM as they should. Honestly, these polls are fine for a bit of fun debate but shouldn't be taken seriously if I don't agree with the results. Unless it is one for political blogs of course. Cos that one is mine. No point voting now, the poll is closed and I am busy sifting out ones I don't like.

Right, I think I am up to date now.

Oh, by the way, I am on LBC again evenings all this week. But that is not a plug.

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