Thursday, 12 August 2010

An ideological political critique of modern mirth

There was an Englishman, Scotchman (sic) and an Irishman. The Englishman was sick of paying tax for stuff for the Scotchman and the Irishman.

Wait there's more.

Have you heard the one about the right wing comic? And I don't mean the Daily Mail.

No please, don't go, carry on reading, once you have cleared up the piss you involuntarily just expelled. Put on your corset to stop your sides splitting and kick back and relax.

Ed West writes about a right wing stand up comedian who is appearing at the Edinburgh Festival this year. His name is Tom Greeves. Ed makes a very good point that most comics seem to be from the left. Yes the right has a fine comic tradition headed by the mighty Jim Davidson but most popular comedians at the minute seem to be lefties.

I have never understood this because I have always felt that while the left can be incredibly po-faced at times, right wingers find it much easier to laugh at themselves because they don't take themselves so seriously.

Yep, that's right. Left wingers are po-faced what with them worrying about their crackpot schemes to cure society's ills and help the poor and things. Lighten up guys! Us right wingers don't take ourselves seriously. So why the fuck should we expect anyone else to?

I can find left wing humour funny, even if it is based around insulting people I respect. Insults (such as sack of shit) are a very sophisticated form of humour after all. So I am off to Edinburgh to do my own show. Based on my Dairy and milking my profile it will be called Beyond the Fridge.

I have previous with this comedy thing you know. Did you see the joke I cracked when chairing a panel with Stephen Round last week? And my efforts to become an MP have been so risible that I was laughed out by both the electorate and the Tory party.

Oh, and my so bad it's funny radio show is still on LBC. I'm here all week. And next week.

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