Saturday, 14 August 2010

Blogger not fit for opposition to opposition

So my response to the response of Labour to Sir Philip Green's appointment to lead a review of government spending is to say they are not fit for the role of opposition because they say he's not fit for the role because his wife lives in Monaco.

What a joke I have become. It seems not only am I unfit to govern a worthwhile opinion, I haven't a clue how to be in opposition to the opposition either other than the usual knee-jerk tribal playground politics blathering.

Sir Philip Green is one of our most successful business leaders. His Top Shop clothes are smashing. The fact that he avoids paying a large wedge of tax on the profits of his succesful business by handily allowing his wife, domiciled in Monaco, to own a chunk of it is neither here nor there.

That doesn't mean appointing him to advise on waste and savings is in anyway inappropriate. In many ways he has proved to be the expert in this area by saving himself and the missus a tidy sum at the expense of the people he is now going to advise. If he was himself domiciled overseas, say in Belize for instance, he would be even more suitable.

Rumours that in a first step to reducing waste and ineffciency Eric Pickles is being relocated to Monaco have yet to be confirmed.

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