Monday, 30 August 2010

Getting rid of pointless clutter

I didn't think it possible for me to get my nose any further up Eric Pickles' not inconsiderable arse, but I've managed it. One of my pet bugbears (don't you dare put my pet bugbears in a bin or I will send you to the electric chair) is pointless clutter, by which I mean superflouous (sic - spellchecking is merely a superfluous activity when jerking a knee quickly to get a blog post out) politicians. If as is reported Eric decides to quit his ministerial role before he causes any more damage it will not only save space in the CLG offices but cut down on the clutter of nonsense he comes out with.

All power to his not inconsiderable elbow. Or is it his arse again? I have been very good at telling the two apart.

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