Saturday, 21 August 2010

Break from blogging

Sorry, loyal fans but I will be giving the blog a rest for a week or so.

This is because (pick one or more from following list):

a) I am preparing for our upcoming office move.

b) My Doctor has ordered me to rest my knee which is in pieces because of being over-jerked. I will need an operation to replace my knee-cap for the 34th time soon. Sometimes I jerk so hard that my patella shatters and bits end up embedded in the wall. I once killed a budgie this way. And when I disagreed with a offside decision at Upton Park once I took out the Villa number 9.

c) I feel bereft and sad as my LBC show has come to an end though I am angling for repeat business and have even set up a Facebook page "Iain Fale is more of a legend than Raoul Moat" to garner support.

d) I am spending some time testing out personal assistants following my job ad. I am sure some lefties have tried to weasel there way in to bring down my empire from the inside. But when it comes to being knee-jerked off I prefer right handers.

e) The hidden driving influence behind my existence is going on holiday (and I don't mean Lord Ashcroft).

1 comment:

  1. When you said "I am preparing for our upcoming office move.", I actually misread it as "I am preparing for our upcoming office movie.".

    Strangely believable...