Sunday, 13 June 2010

Wind turbines are ugly

I don't like wind turbines. They're an ugly blot on the hills and Dales of this green (when it suits us) and pleasant land. They don't even sodding well work. I would much rather we explored alternative forms of energy. Such as that generated by the vast effort climate change deniers expend in failing to accept obvious facts. Or we could harness the ripples caused by the lip service politicians pay to eco-matters.

Of course the cleanest form of power in terms of carbon emissions is undoubtedly nuclear power. There is no more beautiful sight than a hulking great nuclear power station gracing the countryside, radiating welcoming warmth, and they are pure rural eye candy when they go wrong.

I predict that within a very short time, even a committed environmentalist Liberal like Chris Huhne will undergo a damascene conversion (that's a Biblical allusion cos I am clever) to the benefits of nuclear power. Or else lose his job.

And perhaps then we can stop this spread of unspeakable ugliness across our countryside. But enough about Chis Huhne. We must start dismantling this infestation of wind turbines. While we're at it we should get rid of electricity pylons because they are hideous as well. And roads. And railway lines. And urban areas. All carbuncles.

In fact, to be honest, parts of the countryside itself don't always scrub up well. Some hills are a bit bumpy and uneven while I have seen some fields that are positively scruffy. And trees are a nightmare when they start shedding their leaves.

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