Tuesday, 22 June 2010

10 things I expect to see in the Budget

I am incredibly well-connected in Westminster village, don't you know. I "learn" things which I mysteriously hint at so as to seem better informed than I really am. Tapping into my wealth of contacts I can confidently make the following predictions about today's budget based on my exclusive intelligence. Remember, you heard it hear first, and can then carry on hearing it when I prattle on for hours on LBC later.

1. Some taxes will go up
2. Some benefits will go down
3. There will be cuts
4. Alcohol and fags will go up as usual
5. Some people won't be happy about that, indeed they will think it the worse part of the Budget
6. Most other people won't be happy generally
7. I will justify whatever is done as necessary whatever the implications (unless there is a tax on media whoring and profile milking)
8. Err
9. That's
10. About
11. It (oops, some more bad Tory maths there)

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