Thursday, 10 June 2010

SCOOP: Person is rude to another person. In a lift

No less an authority than Nadine Dorries has commented on my ability to uncover the big stories. "More animated nonsense than Tom and Jerry" was her kind testimonial. I don't know how I do it but I have got another top scoop.

Now, please understand that I haven't been able to verify this story. But I will still use it anyway because it fits what I want to say about Diane Abbott even if it might not be true. Cos that is how lazy, shabby journalism works.

Apparently, she was once rude to someone. In a lift! Elevatorgate as it will doubtless be known in years to come could well scupper her leadership bid and probably bring down the Labour Party. And remember where you heard the story first.

Even if it might not be true.

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