Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Blogger asked to move on

Sense prevailed in the High Court today as the Mayor of London won his case calling for a blogger squatting on the internet to be evicted. I have written about this before and think it is disgraceful that people can assume to hold certain opinions that are a disgrace to Britain.

I am all for people expressing their views but next thing we know they'll be protesting in public outside of the home of so-called democracy and making things look a bit untidy and then they'll set up peace camps and get accused of not washing rather than washing their hands of an awkward situation just because the Queen might find it all a bit messy and then the peace camps will go on way beyond what any normal person (by my definition of normal) would term a 'protest' because the thing they are protesting about has gone on way beyond what any normal person (by my definition of normal) would term a 'justifiable war'.

Protest by all means but a) keep it low key and out of the tourist hotspots, in fact keep it away from everyone and thus defeat the whole point of the protest and b) don't protest too long even if you haven't achieved your goals. Never worked for the Suffragettes or the Civil Rights movement after all.

But I digress. Back to the original point. This so-called blog has gone way beyond what any normal person would term 'useful' and it was time for Boris Johnson to do something about it.

The blogger has until 4pm on Friday to leave the internet. That also gives them time to appeal, but I hope they will see sense and move on. They have made their points. Badly. Many times.

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