Sunday, 27 June 2010

As sure as eggs is eggs I will distort this story

You really couldn't make it up. But I am going to anyway. We learn today that once again the E bloody U wants to interfere in the way the right wing press reports mythical law changes initiated by Brussels. No longer will readers be able to buy into scrambled stories about eggs, lazily cooked up by the dozen to support an anti-EU agenda. Journalists and bloggers will be forced to print them based on the weight of truth. I ask you.

I have no particular objection to anything being grounded in fact, but why is it that bureaucrats think readers aren't capable of deciding for themselves how much bollocks there is usually contained within apocryphal tales regarding what the EU is supposed to have banned this week just to wind Britain up.

Too many bloggers, with too much time on their hands. That's what comes of opening up the internet to any one in the first place. If it weren't here we wouldn't read these crackpot stories that serve the purpose of no one apart from the idiot that wrote them in the first place.

And of course tame readers then endorse them and help establish them as the truth.

It is lazy blogging like this that brings me into disrepute.

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