Friday, 25 June 2010

I Should Hang My Head in Shame

You would not believe what I am going to do now. Yes, that's right, I am going to compare Rose Gibb to Rose West. One was the head of a NHS Trust where an outbreak of C.diff led to the tragic deaths of 90 patients for which she was, rightly or wrongly, made a scapegoat for. The other is a convicted serial killer. They are both called Rose and are widely reviled so it's a fair enough comparison. Even though whatever the failings of Gibb's management, to suggest she was evil and wished the patients dead is clearly crass and inaccurate.

And given she has shown herself perfectly willing to go to Courts to get justice and clear her name I really ought to be careful she doesn't chase me with the libel stick.

Yes, the people of Tunbridge Wells are right to be angry by what happened. This is a town that gets disgusted about too many repeats on the BBC so when there is a real scandal they are going to really let loose their ire. But I am sure many would not wish me to suggest on their behalf that Gibb and West are no different to each other. (Slurring by proxy technique in force again here.)

Incidentally, I will also be misunderstanding the legal grounds for the appeal which was an employment law issue as that doesn't sit with my populist point.

Gibb was at fault. If the person in charge cannot be held responsible when needless deaths occur who the hell can be? It is logic I will be applying equally to any avoidable deaths of UK citizens in, for example a war, over the next few months. All Cameron's fault they'll be.

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