Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The blunt attack on a blunt mis-spelled Labout attack

The predictable Dale reaction to Labout's reaction to George Osborne's fucking excellent budget (another predictable Dale reaction) has been hilarious to watch. But then I am wittier than the average Tory. Fact. Lance Price, former Labour communications director said so. At least I think it was wittier - we were in a noisy pub at the time. Oh, and I must remember to look up what "damning someone with faint praise" means.

Price is full of these compliments. He calls Eric Pickles fitter than the average lard-arse, for example. But back to my point.

Labout really do seem at sixes and sevens. Or as that fine exponent of Tory maths Osborne would put it sixties and seventies. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised bearing in mind their policies in large part caused the crisis we have today (if we ignore the role of the banks. And our throwaway society's insatiable thirst for luxuries and credit and stuff I knock out on my website. Oh and it also makes it much easier to blame Labout if we all accept that everything was just perfect on April 30 1997).

I said well before the election that whoever won would put up VAT. I am the soothsayer of taxation. Next I will be uniquely making the same shock predictions as everyone else is in other areas by saying unemployment will rise. Poor people will suffer. The government will be greatly concerned. (Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad).

It is also interesting that my predictable attack on the Labout attack yesterday on the role of the Liberal Democrats, centres on the role of the Liberal Democrats. These jolly decent chaps have, to their credit, renounced all of their pre-election policies that people voted for them on the strength of. They have now recognised the dire coalition quandary crisis they are in and have endorsed the measures needed to stay in power. When I spoke to Danny Kendallexander yesterday he had no reservations in endorsing every single one of the measures outlined by George Osborne, because Osborne was holding his head down the toilet and threatening to flush it at the time. And I believe Vince Cable did the same on TV later though I didn't actually see it.

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