Thursday, 10 June 2010

Oiii, Cameron, tell Obama where to get off

Well done Boris. On the Today Programme this morning he had a go at Barack Obama for his "anti British" rhetoric over the BP situation. He may be the most powerful man in the world with a bloody great big environmental disaster on his hands but he should know better than to slur an entire country. As Boris could have told him, the correct approach is to single out individual cities such as Liverpool or Portsmouth.

Obama's comments yesterday led to 16 per cent of BP's share value being wiped away. This is disgraceful as I have a hefty wedge invested in BP. BP is a highly moral company and has repeatedly taken full responsibility for its cock ups. It isn't always easy to stem the flow of oily waste emanating from a large hole as my opponents have found out.

America is a very important ally to this country or to put it another way we can't have a shit without asking Uncle Sam. But that shouldn't stop Cameron sending Obama a few nasty emails and text messages, or better still threaten to send William Hague over to take him out for a few beers. In fact I hope Dave has the balls to ring Obama today for and invite him outside for a bunch of fives. Even if we are, in language Dave would understand, America's fag.

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