Sunday, 13 June 2010

It was all ITV's fault

ITV should be hanging their heads in shame. Their coverage of the football was diabolical. It was almost as bad as Robert Green's coverage of his goal. Where were Ant and Dec for a start? Hundreds of thousands of HD viewers saw an advert instead of the England goal. See everything clearer in HD proclaims all of the intense hype around this overblown technology that implies that before HD none of us could see anything at all on TV because it was so murky. Yeah right. HD? High dudgeon. Hypey dogma.

What ITV should have done is put an advert on so that we didn't have to witness the United States' goal, a spill so bad that even BP felt compelled to criticise the Green (Robert not the political party). But I bet you won't hear Obama getting all huffy about it. It is disgraceful that people have blamed Green for the US goal even though he is to blame. He's a West Ham player so immune from criticism, and still a class custodian despite the fact that sporting reputations are unfairly based on how people perform in sports events, especially important ones, and whether they are able to perform the basic functions that they have been chosen for.

The shit he has taken from one howler (we'll forget about other ones he has made and the fact he has been sent off for England before) is terrible. You would never catch a political blogger or media pundit, for example, attacking people on the basis of innocent mistakes they had made. They would be even-handed and desist from criticism. And hypocrisy.

Clive Tyldesley's commentary was the most cliche ridden I have heard since he last commentated so I don't need to mention that as if it is an original observation, and Adrian Chiles' presentation was appalling, the scruffy bastard.

And why was Patrick Viera a pundit? What relevance did he have to the game? (Apart from the fact he plays football. And has won the World Cup. And has played with or against most of the players who were playing). I am fed up with all of these pundits popping up all over the place offering their opinions on things whether they have any relevant knowledge or not.

And then came the icing on the cake - which was devoured by James Corden.

It makes you realise how well Sky Sports do football. They knock spots off both the BBC and ITV coverage. Not that being a Tory I feel compelled to big up Murdoch of course.

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