Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pre-empting the Saville Inquiry

I don't often step into the quagmire of Northern Irish politics, for very good reason as it is complex and emotive. But the publication of today's Saville Inquiry report will dominate the headlines. We don't know what it says yet but I will still give my tuppence worth on what it might say rather than waiting until we know for sure like any sensible analyst would. All the speculation leads us to believe that verdicts of unlawful killing by soldiers of Republican protesters will be brought against the soldiers who unlawfully killed Republican protesters, largely because many people believe that the Republican protesters were unlawfully killed.

But we need to move on. And accept the findings. No point harbouring grudges. It was years ago. These things happen.

Ooooh, I should really step out of the quagmire now but I think I am stuck!

What is needed is trite catch all critiques that somehow forget that, whatever the rights and wrongs, the whole Ireland situation is based on centuries of deep rooted resentment and harbouring grudges, on both sides.

But I reserve the right to alter my position when the report is published and I have actually read it rather than glibly second guessed it.

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  1. The major culprit was whomsoever made the decision to ask you to have an opinion on something you have no opinion on. You are trained as an aggressive, quick-response blogger. You should never be put in to give a reasoned or considered point of view. You just post what you post off the top of your head and then slag off anyone who disagrees while simultaneously claiming on TV and radio that your comments are generally 50/50, usually in favour of whatever you write.