Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cardinal errors

Being someone prone to knee-jerk and misinformed comments I am in a perfect position to defend Cardinal Kasper's comments about arriving in Heathrow being like coming to a third world country. I have been saying this for ages. Even though he wasn't talking about it being a bit grubby and shite looking but about there being too many fuzzy-wuzzies around. Which is somethiong I would not defend and so I wish that once again I had looked at the facts rather than jerking that knee of mine.

I will then move on to slam all these mythical people who have been calling for the Pope's visit to be banned. Even though they haven't. The Pope may be a Catholic but that doesn't make him a bad guy. He may be head of a church with some pretty outdated and reprehensible views but so what? Perhaps he should start a blog so he can explain himself properly.

I'm rather glad I am out of the country for the whole of the Pope's visit otherwise I suspect he would see a side of a blogger which could be very ugly indeed.

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