Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Can we extradite Theresa May?

I am delighted that Theresa May has announced a review of extradition arrangements with other countries, including the USA. It has long been felt that certain aspects of these treaties disadvantage UK citizens. In that foreigners can get their hands on our home-grown rascals. Quite how and why this has happened one can only guess. Or instead of guessing one could examine the legal history of the agreements and try and use facts to underpin an argument rather than knee-jerking. And if I had done this I could once again have jerked off about it being all the EU's fault. Opportunity missed.

Theresa May really is doing very well in her job as Home Secretary. I'd say she is one of the coalition's top 55 performers so far. And I used to hate her. Just shows I can show hubris when it suits. It would be a blow to my newly discovered Machiavell-iain credentials if I attacked her now she has a senior post in a Tory (sort-of) government.

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