Sunday, 17 October 2010

Trying to cure knee-jerking

I read something the other day by @charonqc (click here) that identified kneejerkitis as a medical condition.

If it is I am going to sue lefties on a no win no fee basis for causing irreparable damage to my patellas.

And it occurs to me that my spoofer Iain Dale firing off knee-jerk reaction spoof posts of my own knee-jerk nonsense makes him almost as bad as me.

Because of this, I am trying to calm down and think things through in future before posting. But if I had been knee-jerking over the last few days here is an assortment of things I may have written about.

I might have mused on how reading a blogger blogging about the Chilean miners news coverage being like watching paint dry is like watching paint dry

I could have posted something one day attacking local government decision making then the next cranking up my support for an English parliament based on nothing more than a suspicion of the Scots. I might also have attacked Charles Kennedy and Ming Campbell for doing their jobs and speaking out about tuition fees on the spurious grounds that as Scottish constituency MPS elected to a UK wide parliament they have NO RIGHT to interfere in English issues, which if I followed through the logic of to its rightful conclusion would leave me looking a right tit.

I might have jerked off some lame anecdote about Gordon Brown's portrait that had the double whammy of demonstrating that I have been poncing around Number 10 again AND my scorn for Brown without actually having to think up anything nasty myself.

I would certainly have asked whether it is time to ban anti-Union bloggers from blogging ignorantly about whether it is time to ban strikes in the emergency services.

Oh and hopefully I might have found a story where I could really get my teeth into leftie education standards and suggest with no evidence at all that a teacher I approve of was "resigned from her post" (ie. pushed out by lefties) after a row over her speaking at the Tory party conference. During term time. When presumably she should have been doing her job.

But luckily I did none of these things because if I had I would have looked like an arse.

From now on I'll stick to my new role as Cliff Richard's apologist, sorry publicist.

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