Sunday, 10 October 2010

A flash with cash blogger

I spent nearly £50 on a book and IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A DUST JACKET. It is a disgrace that in these days of austerity and people facing real economic hardship that a blogger can casually spend almost £50 on a book and then whinge about it. I am so appalled I am not even going to review the book but I will make sure there is a paid link to it just below this post so if people do want to buy it I at least get some coin myself.

I always buy hardback copies of this book as I have them all going back to 845 BC and they look so impressive on the new bookshelves I bought earlier this year. I never look at these books (they are merely for show) let alone use them as the source of factual knowledge, hence the importance of the protective jacket to protect them when they are gathering dust on said shelves.

As a publisher I would never let the books I send out into the world be unprotected. That's why most of them come with a straitjacket.

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