Thursday, 14 October 2010

Guess who I saw last night?

I wasn't on LBC last night. Ages ago I had booked to see Cliff Richard at the Albert Hall so I was jerking my knee in time to Wired for Sound. I left my programme in the more than capable hands of Mehdi Hasan. Hang on. He's a rabid leftie. How the fuck did that happen?

I am really dedicated to my job except when Cliff is in town - then I will let notorious commies into my seat (so to speak).

I reduced Grunt Fucker to tears earlier by playing him Cliff Richard songs. I am an employment tribunal hearing waiting to happen.

Miss You Nights is the best song ever written and is about when I am not on LBC due to attending Cliff Richard concerts.

I would've got another chance at being MP if I hadn't fucked the Tory Party over by watching Summer Holiday on DVD the night they made the selection.

Am I for real? I know it shouldn't matter but can people really take political analysis seriously from someone who reveres Cliff Richard and Roxette.

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