Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How Ken is defending himself against petty and illogical sniping from bloggers who don't like him

Who cares? Ken is doing something (anything) and I will twist it into an anti-Ken post simply because I can't abide him. I could pick him up on many legitimate things but will instead choose the fact he is speaking overseas when he should be in London, apparently, on day of comprehensive spending (which is the last two things that will be announced) review because presumably if he is overseas in foreignland he won't have access to any information or be able to react (not that most people will be desperate to hear what he has to say anyway). In fact, he should never leave London ever again in case something happens.

These people who try and milk a second career doing speeches are really deplorable aren't they? Especially if they get invited to Malta rather than some of the shitholes I get to go to.

Right, I think I have done enough to use a really tenuous non-story to get over some proper anti-Ken points, just in case any of my loyal readers/listeners were thinking of being stupid enough to vote for him over Boris in 2012 mayoral election.

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