Thursday, 7 October 2010

A speech about as meaty as tofu

I listened to David Cameron's speech while driving back to London. I wasn't expecting this speech to be especially memorable but a speech which invokes the collective spirits of Lord Kitchener, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and JFK deserves to be remembered.

Did I really just type that? Well yes, it invoked the hoary, hackneyed establishment posturing of Kitchener (with hopefully less people ending up dying as a result), the power crazed delusion of Thatcher, the clarity of Churchill (after 14 bottles of port), and the brains of JFK (post Dallas, November 1963).

It was a speech which bore all the hallmarks of the Big Society. In that it empowered active citizens to volunteer to try and find substance in the endless rhetoric around the still muddy BS concept - so the government doesn't have to bother.

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