Saturday, 19 February 2011

Imprisoned inside my own narrow mind

After two months of blogging silence (apart from the constant plugs for my radio show - have you missed me?) I make a one day only return to the medium (remember I said that when I next post will you and pick me up on it then as I bet I won't be able to stop now I have got back into it), to implore you to listen to a six minute chunk of a phone in I did last night on Prisoner's rights.

Rights? Rights? Prisoners shouldn't have rights. They'll be expecting secure lodgings and regular exercise next. Anything that attempts to rehabilitate and make them feel more accepted by society and thus lead to reduced re offending rates so that there is less crime and cost to the taxpayer should be strongly resisted in the interests of jerking one's knee about these scum.

A prison officer called Charlie phoned in. Well, he said he was a prison officer. He could have been fucking anyone but that doesn't matter. I will use the word of one unverified person and promote that as the official position of the entire prison service.

What he said amazed me. No wonder prisoners think they've got the upper hand nowadays if people like me constantly get my knickers in a twist about the whole issue.

For those of you who can't be arsed to listen to it, Charlie tells us all the words prison officers are now reportedly banned from using. Political correctness, (political correctness? The only sort of correctness these scum understand is that administered by the fist to correct their behaviour) it seems, is now an integral part of the HM Prison Service.

Note the use of the words "reportedly" and "seems". Because of course I haven't actually bothered to check any of these claims. Because I too, can't be arsed.

But I am happy to promote the unchecked views and opinions of a lone caller because I want to be outraged and jerk my knee and hope my fans will to. Indeed, by empowering my listeners to volunteer to jerk their knees on my behalf So I don't have to I am merely applying the principles of Big Society.

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